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Google Ads Management Service (PPC)


Memento tech is leading google adword company in India. Pay per click is a marketing strategy in which search engine adv is used to generate clicks to your website. if you are planning to get paid click in your area and own keywords then PPC is best solutions.
Pay Per Click(PPC) Marketing is one of the most successful Social marketing strategy applied from many experts and digital marking agencies to increase website click,sigup,app install,sells,call, brand reputation and generate leads in quick time. Google Adwords advertising is the core of any successful online business. Generate Best ROI using PPC. No other marketing channel allows for such tight control and measurement of what you spend and what you get in return.

  • You Only Pay When They Click
  • Get a Second Chance With Missed Connections
  • Instant traffic to your website or Instant leads
  • Increase organic SEO click through rates
  • It pulls in quality traffic
  • It is not dependent on SEO or Google algorithm changes
  • We handle analysis, target audience and management
  • We are a full service PPC Agency
  • PPC advertising spend is controllable
  • Improve the amount of targeted traffic to your website
  • Supplement organic search and seamlessly integrate PPC marketing into your current SEO strategy

Shopping Ads | Video Ads | Landing page suggestion/creation | Display ads | Remarking | Search marketing


It is the most successful pay-per-click advertising system which can work for any type of business. Daily many businesses find it a good marketing investment as it provides measurable ROI.

Yes! You can instantly check it on the Google Search page.

Yes because advertisers pay only when users click the ad and ads are shown when associated keywords are searched on Google.

There is no fixed amount; you can plan your budget as per your goal depending on your keywords.


Understanding the Requirements Of The Client
Calculation Of Max CPC
Target analysis
Landing page optimization

Hire Best google adwords manager
PPC is essentially a method of advertising your website on search engine results where advertisers bid against each other to be the top search result on particular keywords or keyword phrases.
We start by doing web analysis and keyword research PPC data and provide extensive changes that will produce instant ROI. We will identify the bugs of your account and inform you exactly what need to be change to improve your account’s performance.
Google Adwords is an advertising service by Google that helps businesses in displaying ads on Google. The Google Adwords program centers around keywords and fundamentally empowers organizations to set up a financial plan for advertising and pay only when individuals click their ads.

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