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Hybrid Development services Junagadh

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Hybrid Mobile Applications are developed using the flexible web technologies including HTML, JavaScript, CSS,Bootstrap,Angular,React and more. Thus, these apps need only a single code to run on several platforms making them cross-platform. With our highly skilled team of hybrid app developers, you can rely on us with your requirements and we will create best hybrid apps for your business covering all your requirements. Our expert hybrid mobile app developers build your iOS & Android applications in an industry-leading framework like Flutter,React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap, Xamarin , and Kendo UI from the scratch using best coding practices and libraries.
we have professional developer for every mobile platform. MementoTech experts can help you to choose the best way to keep your mobile application on top. There are distinctive benefits of Hybrid Apps from business and client’s perspectives. Our intent to explain the advantage of hybrid apps from the business perspective is to elucidate its amazing benefits mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. Hybrid apps can form a great marketing strategy that leverages the hardware and offers services on multiple platforms proving a tremendous benefit to your business.


we are providing full time freelancer developer for your product.they will work on your project full time as per your project requirement.

Cross-platform mobile development is the creation of software applications that are compatible with multiple mobile operating systems. Originally, the complexity of developing mobile apps was compounded by the difficulty of building out a backend that worked across multiple platforms. Although it was time-consuming and expensive, it was often easier to build native applications for each mobile operating system (OS).

Agile software development refers to software development methodologies centered round the idea of iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams.

During the development phase the clients can communicate with the Programmers online via ZOOM/Stack/Skype/Google Meet. Clients can communicate with the Programmers via Whatsapp or phone as well. An everyday detailed report of the task done will be sent to the clients via Google Sheet or Jira,VersionOne,PivotalTracker,Workzone,Targetprocess Minimum 3yr experience developer assign


React Native


Fast Development: Flutter has hot-reload and a single codebase feature that helps you develop an app that will work with iOS and Android both. Flutter in-built features incorporate with all component for iOS and Android to give a native base performance for your app.
A Single Codebase: A single codebase feature helps us to build an faster that other native application development. Now we have to write on codebase for both Andriod and iOS that save a lot of time a code management.
Hot Reload: This features help us debugs our code faster compare to native app development, so we keep testing our code faster and debug them and build awesome app.
Expressive UIs: We can build an expressive UIs with Flutter built-in beautiful material design and Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets, rich motion APIs, smooth natural scrolling, and platform awareness. Their in-built feature help you fast development with fully customizable widget that we can re-use in our code, in case we do required any further customization in future.
Easy to Understand and Develop: Even you are new in Flutter then you could picked up easily. If you are coming with Java development then might more easy to get started with Flutter development. Flutter work on Dart and Dart a new object oriented programming language (dart.dev) that easy to lean and understand. You can start setup and building your first Flutter app from Flutter Official site (flutter.dev). Big Player of Flutter Development in world- Google,BMW,Alibaba,Google AssistanceGoogle Ads,AirtelTigo

React Native Development Service

React Native is a programming framework developed by Facebook that gives developers the ability to create full, native mobile apps for both iOS and Android using a universal programming language called JavaScript. According to Facebook’s React Native site, "React Native uses the same fundamental building blocks as regular iOS and Android apps. You just put those building blocks together using JavaScript."
Mobile app development with React Native, clubbed with its synchronous API, JS powered performance and effortless development enables us to build Android and iOS apps simultaneously, while saving up significantly on your cost and time. Our React Native app development teams help such companies with app upgrades or modernization to achieve their business objectives. Whether it is to reuse the shared code or write it completely new using JavaScript & React Native, we can help you expedite the development process.
Saves Time and Money:Because 95% or more of the code is cross-platform, meaning it is compatible with both Android and iOS, developers only need to build one app, and in the end two apps are created. This saves time in development of the app, which saves a lot of money that would have been put into building separate apps. With React Native businesses can have both apps at once for little more than half the cost of building one version. Companies no longer have to choose which version to build and launch first due to the cost of building two separate apps.
Great Performance:The React Native also renders its support for the third-party plugins offering a couple of options that include native modules and JavaScript modules. This is because it does not have some components in the main framework.
Immediately View Changes: React Native offers something called “live reloading” or “hot reloading” which enables developers to immediately view the changes they’ve made to the code in another live preview window simultaneously. This provides a great advantage to developers due to the real-time feedback.
Simplified Data Binding: One of the prominent benefits of using React Native for app development is simplification of the process of data binding. This is due to this aspect that apps become more stable and also the level of reliability increases. The child element does not have any influence on the parent data. It only allows the updating of the permitted components and if you have to make any modification, then you are required to change and apply the updates.


Ionic Application Development drives native mobile components with stunning designing and smoother animations. Ionic Apps have a more native touch that makes UI Layouts and design elements more appealing. Consequently, Ionic Platform tends to prove to be an exceptionally responsive framework. We are fully cross-platform Ionic app development company in Junagadh,Rajkot,Jetpur,Somnath, India who deals with some classic UI framework to deal with the front end. We have a specialist team of Ionic application developers who work with native properties enabling mobile components with animations and designs.
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Full time support by our support team through different modes of communication like email, phone, chat, Skype video call etc. At MementoTech, we’ve put our industry expertise to good use by creating custom website module for Schools, Stock ,Hotels, Business, Financial, Small Business, Hospital Website, Healthcare, Education and Non-Profitable Websites. These modules are easily accessed through the content management system.Hire web developer for your business.

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